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Fee-Based Advice and Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is complex, especially when volatile financial markets can affect your liquid and real assets, along with your net worth.

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Investment Management

Our comprehensive wealth planning strategies and advisory services fit the puzzle pieces together to help you enjoy broad success.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning includes ensuring that your wishes will be carried out according to your plans.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning today is much different than it used to be.

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Public Employee Benefit Plans

We can help you create a plan to optimize your benefits and evaluate where you may need to augment your income in order to meet your retirement goals.

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Retirement Plans for Small to Mid-Sized Employers

We provide expert analysis and advice for businesses offering employee retirements plans or those considering adding one to your employee benefit plan. Call us today for a free review of your current plan (401(k), profit sharing, SEP, etc.). If you are considering adding a plan in the future, we can help you determine the best fit for you, your business and your employees.

401(k) Management

Already have a 401(k)? We have the expertise to review your plan, provide a plan rating and assist in your adherence to Fiduciary oversight. We may be able to save you and your employees’ money in this process. Click here to set up a call or schedule and evaluation of your current 401(k).

Interested in setting up a 401(k) for your business? Click here to begin the discussion and see what WFA can do to support you.

In-House Notary Services

WFA offers free notary services for our clients at no additional charge.

Our Process


Our client relationships begin with gathering your information and determining your goals and expectations. We make sure that we’re crystal clear about what you want to achieve before providing any advice.


Having thoroughly analyzed your situation, your goals, your timeframe, your risk tolerance and other factors, our team develops clear, straightforward recommendations.


Finally, we agree on who will monitor progress toward your goals. If we handle that responsibility, we will periodically review the situation with you and adjust recommendations as needed.


We don’t just give our clients plans and then move on to new business. We actively monitor your progress, make course corrections and, if your goals change, adjust for a new destination. Our job isn’t complete until your goals are reality.


  • What is a fee-based fiduciary advisor?

    Willamette Financial Advisors, LLC offers advice based on a Fiduciary Standard and adheres to the Certified Financial Planning Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. We only act in our clients’ best interest. WFA does not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales.
  • Where is clients’ money kept?

    Working closely with you to understand and analyze your situation and goals we create customized financial action plans that leave you in control.
  • What is your investment approach?

    We work with you to understand you needs, goals and risk tolerance. Based upon that information, we create a set of recommendations that fit your unique circumstance. We monitor and adjust the plan along way, taking into account your needs as they evolve over time.
  • How is my privacy protected?

    We partner with ProCirrus Cloud Technologies. ProCirrus maintains industry best practices for the protection of data. They undergoes annual SOC I and II Type 2 audits performed by a certified third party that document their security and operational policies and verify that they are effectively enforced. ProCirrus continually monitors our systems at the highest levels and standards in the industry.
  • How do I get started?

    Click on contact us and one of our advisors will contact you within 48 hours.
  • How do I move my assets?

    Click on contact us and one of our advisors will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a complimentary consultation and review of your goals and needs.

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