Impact Investings

Impact Investing – the use of private capital to seek positive societal outcomes along with attractive financial returns – is coming of age around the world as governments and philanthropic organizations realize that social activists cannot keep depending on grants to achieve their goals.  They know they can and must create financial organizations on sound principles to address challenges such as raising literacy rates, accelerating employment, reducing poor health and disease, and improving the environment.  Simply stated, impact investing is defined as investing with the specific objective of achieving both a competitive financial return and positive, measurable economic, social and /or environmental impact.

Impact investing is an emerging asset class that has captured the attention of some of the most sophisticated money managers in the world.  These individuals understand the power of mobilizing private capital to help solve some of the world’s biggest social and economic challenges.  JP Morgan Global Research reports* that impact investing is expected to constitute 5-10% of investor portfolios within the next 10 years.  Further, according to the U.S. State Department, this emerging class of investors is generating business opportunities that analysts estimate could reach between $500 billion and several trillion dollars over the next decade.

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