Financial Implications of Divorce

Regrettably, between 40% - 50% of U.S. marriages end in divorce.*  In addition to the emotional trauma of the divorce process, the proposed equitable division of shared assets often represents another major source of stress.

This division of assets is not often as straight forward as it may seem.  In fact, “equal” is not always “equitable.”  There are many factors that affect how the household split will impact each individual, both long and short term.  In addition, the emotion and confusion of an adversarial process too often cloud the real issues, making an equitable split challenging to perceive and achieve.

Many times fear of the road ahead is what fuels the “messiness” of the divorce process.  The objective input from an experienced Financial Advisor can help alleviate this fear and present a clear financial roadmap for the future.   In fact, nearly everyone going through a divorce can benefit from financial planning services.

If you are concerned how a contemplated divorce may affect your financial and retirement plans, now is the perfect time to contact us.


*American Psychological Association (

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