Estate Planning

Planning your estate is more than transferring you accumulated wealth.  It also includes planning for the legacy you wish to leave behind for loved ones and for the causes you support.  An comprehensive estate plan need to address several important questions, including:

  • Does it adequately provide for loved ones in the event of your untimely death?
  • What role do you want to play in supporting life’s journey for those you love?
  • Are family members prepared to manage their inheritance?
  • Are there other causes or charities important to your legacy?

Estate planning includes important legal concerns, including up-to-date wills and trust arrangements, healthcare directives, and power of attorney documents.   We can help facilitate the process of working with your attorney to get this job done. 

We can also recommend strategies to minimize wealth transfer taxes and other costs.  In addition, we can help you review your entire estate plan on a regular basis to ensure it keeps up with the changing needs of your family.

To find out more about financial planning for your legacy, please contact us!

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