In or Nearing Retirement

Retirement planning today is much different than it used to be.  People live longer now, and yet the majority of folks still wish to retire at age 65 or less.  The new challenge becomes how to fund 30+ years in retirement.

With regard to retirement, there are three common questions we hear:

“When can I retire?”

“When should I start my social security income?”

 “Will I outlive my money?”

Lifetime Income Need

There can be a long, happy life after retirement, but living does cost money.   You will need a consistent and on-going income stream that you won’t outlive, and that allows you to maintain the standard of living for which you are accustomed.  That seldom happens accidentally, and it takes careful planning.

Other Considerations for Retirement:

  • Health Care Needs
  • Estate Protection
  • Coordinating Retirement Income
    (Social Security, other pensions, IRAs, Employer retirement plans, & other savings)
  • Charitable Giving
  • Wealth Transfer to Beneficiaries

If you are concerned about whether your financial plan effectively addresses your retirement goals, now is the perfect time to contact us.

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